Reasons not to shop online for lighting

There is more to lighting than meets the eye. When browsing the thousands of options online, one can easily forget that a lighting fixture is more than just style or beauty.

Although we never overlook that fact, when we shop for lighting for our showroom (aka – our customers) we always do our best to ensure that each fixture marries style and function.

When you are online, you may like the look of a fixture, but may not pay close attention to the type of bulb, wattage or lumens (LED brightness). When overlooked you could end up with something that may look pretty but cannot see and function properly in your space. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than trying to source a lightbulb not available in North America.

At Living Lighting Etobicoke, we have a literal wall of bulbs and there isn’t much that can stump us in the lightbulb department. The only customer’s that occasionally do are people who bought a fixture online and either the specs didn’t show them what type of bulb the fixture took, or the print was so small it was overlooked. On occasion you might get a bulb with your fixture, but they are commonly of poor quality and burn out quickly, leaving you on the hunt for a rare to find replacement.

Safety Standards are another common area of concern we see pop up while trying to service on-line shoppers. Rest assured that all of the fixtures sold in our showroom will meet all Canadian safety standards. This is not always the case with products people purchase online. This leaves on-line shoppers either needing to rewire an on-line fixture that arrived with no USL or CSL safety approval. In some cases they have even paid for an electrician to come and hang a fixture, and were refused as the safety requirements are not met, a licensed electrician would not legally hang such a fixture.

Now that person is out the money for the fixture and the electrician’s time, and still has no functioning light. Sometimes a deal on-line doesn’t end up saving you money in the long-run.

There are certain rules of thumb when choosing a light or fan, based on a room’s size, ceiling height, table or kitchen island dimensions, so that your fixture fills the space proportionally and provides enough illumination to function for you. There is no one on-line to trouble shoot for you, look at a photo of your space & make a recommendation, or to make an educated suggestion. All the staff at Living Lighting Etobicoke have years of experience in the lighting industry. We know what options are out there from each of our suppliers (Over 30 suppliers) and we even have suppliers who will do custom work so that the fixture you fall in love with can work for your space. If something is not on display in our showroom, we can show you all the options available, and we do special orders on a regular basis, with a delivery time of 7 to 10 days on average. We attend North America’s largest lighting market each year, so we are on top of trends and new product releases.

Time is everything – if you live in Etobicoke and find yourself too busy to pop into our location, we take orders over the phone and offer delivery too. Almost like on-line shopping, but with a trusted lighting expert and brick & mortar location behind it. You also have the re-assurance of after sales support if you should need it. We have over twenty years in the industry and we work with suppliers who stand behind their product. That way we can offer you expertise & support before, during and after your purchase should it be required.

Think locally, when you are on-line shopping, you don’t know where your product is coming from, what the experience behind the toll-free support team member are, and what your carbon footprint you will leave behind after all the potential problems.

You can walk into our local showroom, see fixtures on display, and talk to an expert who has also seen all the product in our suppliers’ showrooms. Our Living Lighting Showroom has a wide variety of fixtures so that your home can reflect your style. On-line algorithms show what’s popular, don’t you want your unique style reflected in your home?

If you do research on-line first and have a photo of something you are interested in, we are happy to help source that for you. We have the buying power of the Living Lighting Chain behind us, so we have access to almost anything on the market that you might have seen.

Come in and speak with one of our lighting experts to see and feel the difference that shopping locally can make.

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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