Tips & Technology

LED Bulbs

There are so many options for lightbulbs right now, adding one more decision to the process. But don’t worry, we are well versed in them all! Our convenient bulb display is a showroom tool that we use constantly with our clients to help explain and display the different options available. LED (Light Emitting Diode) Bulbs

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Outdoor Lighting

School’s out, and it’s officially summer. Finally, long summer nights are here at last! We find ourselves arriving home later in the evenings. Late ball games, nights on a patio (fingers crossed!), and late-night dog walks … whatever summer evening activities you return home from, your exterior lighting is important. The safety and security it

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Let’s Beat the Heat!

Summer is in full swing and we are heading into our 2nd heatwave. With increasing summer temperatures it’s hard to survive without a fan! There are lots of things to consider when fan shopping, and some important info to bring with you before hand to make your shopping experience easier and quicker! Choosing the correct

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