Let’s Beat the Heat!

Summer is in full swing and we are heading into our 2nd heatwave. With increasing summer temperatures it’s hard to survive without a fan! There are lots of things to consider when fan shopping, and some important info to bring with you before hand to make your shopping experience easier and quicker!

Choosing the correct fan size depends on the dimensions of your room, and ceiling height is vital. If you don’t get the correct fan size, you will not be moving enough air or you will feel like you are in a wind tunnel.

Ceiling height is vital so that you have enough room to safely pass underneath the fan, or if you have a high ceiling extra down rods will need to be ordered so that your fan can hang at the correct height. This allows you enjoy the breeze it creates, keeping you cool & comfortable. Typically, you want your fan blades to be a minimum of 7′ off the floor if you are walking underneath your fan.

When discussing your ceiling height with a fan expert, it’s important to mention if you have a sloped ceiling, and the pitch of the ceiling – that way your fan expert can decipher if a sloped ceiling kit is required.

Some rules of thumb for fan sizing are:

  • Any room up to 100 square feet can handle a fan 42″ – 44″
  • A room 100 – 300 square feet can handle a fan size of 48″ – 60″
  • Any room larger than 300 square feet will need a 60″ fan or two fans. They make fans in a variety of sizes all the way up to 99″

A fan is measured in inches, from blade tip to blade tip. Some people get stuck on the number of blades, that is a mistake. The more space between a blade, the more air movement you will receive, however it also depends on the angle of the blade as well as the fan motor.

The air movement is measured in airflow, by cubic feet per minute, anything over 3000 will keep you feeling cool. So, the important info in keeping you cool is the CFM number – the higher the better!

A DC Motor is what you want to be on the lookout for, they are more energy efficient (using up to 70 per cent less electricity than an AC motor fan), whisper quiet & the motor keeps itself cool therefore extending its life. If you come in shopping for a fan, make note of your junction box placement, are there any parameters or obstacles that we need to work around?

At Living Lighting Etobicoke-Kingsway we carry all Monte Carlo, Kichler and Kendal fans. All reputable companies with quiet, powerful motors and various styles & sizes to compliment your interior decor.

Our fan experts can help guide the way to a cooler summer for you & your family.


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