LED Bulbs

There are so many options for lightbulbs right now, adding one more decision to the process. But don’t worry, we are well versed in them all! Our convenient bulb display is a showroom tool that we use constantly with our clients to help explain and display the different options available. LED (Light Emitting Diode) Bulbs come in a variety of colour temperatures.

This is basically how cool a light or warm a light you are getting. Measured on the Kelvin scale, the higher the number (ex: 5000K) the cooler (or more blue) a light appears. The lower the number (ex: 2200K) the warmer (or more yellow) the light appears. It is really just a personal preference.

Hot right now are fixtures with no or clear glass – making your bulb choice a focal of your fixture. The Edison style bulb is a popular trend and is also available in an LED version – see the picture to compare to the two styles. It’s a very close replica, saving you energy and not creating heat! We carry these in a variety of colour temperatures and shapes and sizes so your bulbs & fixture can be suited to your style.

Are LED bulbs dimmable?

YES! As long as you have the right dimmer! Dimming can be tricky, but the suppliers we work with rate their bulbs and dimmability with leading dimmers. We have the ability to look up the test results and guide you to the right brand and style that work best with the LED bulbs. We Carry both Legrand and Lutron dimmers and switches that are compatible with the LED bulbs we carry.

Still feel unsure? A True Universal Dimmer is a good choice for both an integrated LED fixture and LED bulbs.

Visit our showroom to see the variety of bulbs available and ask to see them on display!


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