About Us

Marko Borys

Marko Borys has been the busy owner and operator of Living Lighting Etobicoke-Kingsway for over 20 years now.Starting in the business in his early twenties, he has extensive knowledge of the industry as a whole as well as technical knowledge. Marko is an ALA Certified Lighting Specialist.  He acts as head buyer, and can recommend a lighting design plan for your home from Landscape lighting to Recessed lighting, to every fixture and dimmer required in between.  He juggles everything from custom home orders, buying, invoicing & receivables and still manages to know all his customers on a first name basis! In his spare time, Marko enjoys a good game of tennis, again always juggling!

Lara Borys

Lara had been behind the scenes the last few years managing social media, advertising & website content while juggling various volunteer roles and life at home. She took the plunge into the showroom 5 years ago.  Lara is an outside sales representative, specializing in home consults and spending dedicated time with clients, helping them choose just the right fixtures for their home.  She is happy to scour the catalogues to help you complete your look.  Lara is also content manager for both facebook and instagram, so make sure to click & follow! 

Rino Manfredi

Rino is the Assistant Manager and also has over 20 years in the lighting industry. Rino has worked in a few showrooms over the years, as well as on the production and manufacturing side of the industry. As a result, knows the intricacies of the technology inside the lighting fixtures, so it's safe to say he knows lighting inside and out!  Rino has been handling sales, inquiries and quality control issues with us for over 7 years now.  If there is something about lighting Rino doesn't know, he'll play you a song on his bongo drum!

Richard Sumner

Richard is our resident bulb expert with over 25 years in the industry.  He has worked in lighting showrooms for the better part of his career. Richard is also our resident lamp repair expert. He has the patience and the special touch to fix your special heirloom lamp. There isn't a fixture, repair part or lightbulb that Richard hasn't seen.  He will be happy to help you with any lamp repair...just don't ask him to fix your toaster too!

Nina Rhodes

Nina is our head merchandiser and has over 15 years of lighting design experience.  With her artistic flare Nina is constantly merchandising new arrivals and keeps our showroom looking fresh and inspiring.  In her corner of the showroom she also showcases some of her photographic talent. With her keen eye for style she helps customer's find just the right statement piece. Her ability to see the beauty in the rough is what keeps her displays popping with inspiration.

All of us at Living Lighting believe the passion and expertise of our staff, matched with the buying power of the Living Lighting chain, can provide your room, home or project with unparalleled quality and service. We are continually expanding our knowledge and products in eco-friendly lighting as well. You won’t find a better selection of LED bulbs in various colour temperatures and styles anywhere else. Each year we attend the largest Lighting Market in North America to continually provide you with the newest styles and best products on the market. Keeping our showroom fresh and on trend, while also providing quality that we know and trust in our choice of suppliers. 

As Marko & Lara grew up in Etobicoke, the neighbourhood has always been important to them. This community centered approach to business brings the Village to “Kingsway Village”. Through personalized customer service, we nourish a relationship with everyone who walks through our doors. We greet customers on a first name basis and take the time to get to know their unique taste and style. After all, our products are going into your home and leaving a lasting impression. We want to honour each and every home with the best of our knowledge and the best quality and craftsmanship of products there are to offer. 

We have been the proud recipient of the Readers Choice Award, and nominated for The Gems of Etobicoke-Lakeshore award. Our showroom has a design station with a laptop and catalogues so that we can quickly and easily show you all the options available to you. Our improved showroom layout allows us to welcome customers safely in these times, and reflect the warmth that our community has supported us with over the years. 

As we continue to grow and change with the times, let us help you keep up with the trends. Visit us soon, so we can get to know you by name too!